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Browser Hijacker

Browser Hijacker Definition:
The alteration of the default browser starting page, search page, or favourites page to another webpage without permission.

Browser Hijack synonyms:
Hijacker, home page hijack, browser hijacking, browser highjacker

Examples of Browser hijackers
Search Toolbar (IE Plugin),
Slotch Toolbar (XXX Toolbar) - more information

Purposes of Browser Hijacking:
The least sinister of the reasons for browser hijacking is to obtain false traffic statistics, so that an unscrupulous website manager can claim vast numbers of hits and make his website seem more important for advertising.
The most common reason, which is a development of the first, is where the substituted page is a portal for other sites which is being paid for click throughs and for banner advertising.
These sites usually incorporate other activities. After all, if they are so unscrupulous, they are not likely to worry about promoting Pornography and spreading Adware, together with Commercial Spyware and other forms of Malware which they are being paid to disseminate.

Where do Browser Hijacks come from?
When you visit certain sites, a hijack file can install itself on your computer. You probably won't be aware that this is happening, but after you re-open Internet Explorer or Netscape, you will find that your default homepage is now set to something that can be anything from what appears to be a search engine portal with gambling links to outright pornography, and there can be new links in your Favourites list to all sorts of unsavoury sites.

How to detect Browser Hijack software
If you open Internet Explorer and a new page pops up then chances are that a hijack program has infiltrated your defences. To find the actual file which is causing the problem is not so simple, and you will usually need to download a software to find it and remove it.
GO TO REMOVE BROWSER HIJACKERS for software programs which we have found to be safe and effective. Some of these offer free scanning for browser hijackers to enable you to know whether you actually need a hijacker removal application. (please note our disclaimer)

Defense and Control
There are three aspects of defense against any form of internet abuse.
Detection - Browser Hijacker Scanning
Removal - delete the Browser Hijacker program
Prevention - Block further attempts by Browser Hijackers to infiltrate your pc.
Learn more about these HERE.

Remove browser hijackers

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