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Internet Cookies

A cookie is piece of information sent by a web server to a web browser. If accepted, the browser software will save it and send it back to the server whenever the browser makes additional requests from the server.
Cookies for the basis for monitoring the activity of visitors to a website, and can show which pages have been visited, for how long and how frequently. They also are an integral part of more undesirable Spyware and Adware.


Web Analytics for Small Businesses.
HitBox Professional delivers nearly instant insight into online visitor behaviour. The cookie is used to sell more products and services, improve online lead generation and increase advertising revenue. HitBox provide a privacy policy and opt-out

Atwola – this one seems to be rather sinister – not much found on internet searches – no privacy policy found – although listed as a cookie, until otherwise notified we assume it to be related to commercial spyware

2o7 (2o7.net)
A Tracking Cookie. ie a cookie that is shared among two or more unrelated sites for the purpose of tracking a user's browsing and/or gathering and/or sharing information which users may regard as private.

Advertisers, marketers, and website publishers use Mediaplex products – MOJO Adserver, MOJO Mail, and MOJO Publisher – to deliver and track advertisements and marketing messages over the Internet.
Mediaplex provides a privacy policy and opt out

DoubleClick is top Web marketing company registered on the New York Stock Exchange. This company uses internet activity spyware to gain general information about the types of sites you visit and other non-personally identifiable information about you in order to deliver advertisements about goods and services that may be of interest to you. In the process of serving advertisements or providing other marketing services, DoubleClick may place or recognize a unique, non-personally identifiable cookie in your browser. In providing these services, they do not link personally identifiable information (such as your name, land address or telephone number) to your Web site visits. If you would like more information about DoubleClick, its business practices, and its privacy policies, visit the Doubleclick website.

You will find information on Opting Out from DoubleClick at Adware Removal.

Cookie Management
For information on detecting Cookies, controlling cookies, managing Cookies, and how to block cookies visit Cookie management.

cookies management

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