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What is a popup?
A popup can mean several things:

1. A popup is a window which appears on screen in response to some command or program. Examples of useful popups are help files and information files which "pop up" over an existing screen in response to hot-key or mouse-over requests.
2. Popups are also drop-down menus which appear on web pages.
3. More undesirable are the Popup Adverts. These are programmed to appear automatically whenever actively browsing certain pages on the internet, or locally whenever an Internet browser such as IE6 is being used. This is a form of Spam, and is undesirable because it prevents the viewer reading the web page originally selected. They are employed by browser hijacking pages because they often derive an income from click through or numbers of impressions.

How do popups files get into your system?
The same way as most other forms of Malware get on your PC. Whenever you download a file or program from the Internet, you risk importing additional undesirable files. In particular, whenever you download freeware or shareware, it is likely that they have been sponsored to include some popup adverts as a way of keeping costs down or making additional money for the software developers.
In many instances where they have come as part of a bundled package, if you study the fine print you will find that you have agreed to have these applications, and you may not be able to remove them without uninstalling the rest of the program that you wanted. In some instances you can buy a popup free version if you are prepared to spend more money.

Even Netscape and MSN are not immune from employing these tactics on occasions to sell their own products.

Another way that popups arrive is through hyperlinks. Many portal sites get paid to download popups every time a page is visited, and the more sinister sites often use more stealthy ways of introducing them by installing Trojan horses and other malware which can pick up on your browsing habits and respond by sending ad related popups.

So, Ad-related popups are a nuisance, at the least an irritation, and at worst an invasion of privacy, taking up space and memory and slowing your system to the point where it can crash.

How to remove and block popups ---> BLOCK POPUPS

There are several effective popup blockers available, but not all of them are completely safe.

Block popups

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